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The medical profession is in a state of emergency.

Working conditions are dire and UK doctors are burnt out. We’re excessively criticised in the media, let down by trade unions and stretched beyond capacity due to the consequences of £40bn in NHS austerity cuts made by the Government since 2010.

Our patients aren’t safe and we’re not safe either. This incredibly stressful situation has caused many doctors to practice abroad or leave medicine altogether. As a result, UK doctors are under more pressure than ever before; we’re stretched thinner than ever and are becoming burnt out. Enough’s enough; we need to come together and fight this broken medical system.

That’s why we’ve created EveryDoctor; a non-profit membership organisation run by doctors. Our team will run campaigns to improve patient safety and create better working conditions for UK doctors.

When doctors come together and speak up, it can be incredibly powerful. EveryDoctor will harness the collective power of doctors’ voices and couple it with campaigning expertise to win the changes we need to improve things.

We want every UK doctor to join our movement and become part of the EveryDoctor community.

Every doctor matters. Every voice counts.

Join our movement today.

I want to become an EveryDoctor member, how do I decide which membership level to choose?

EveryDoctor membership is open to everyone; UK doctors or anyone else who supports our movement (we call our supporters “allies”). We want to open up our membership to as many doctors and allies as possible. Because of this, we've created three membership payment tiers, and each member can decide how much they want to contribute.

EveryDoctor members who contribute more are allowing other members to join by paying less. In this way, the EveryDoctor community supports one another to build our movement to improve conditions for UK doctors and their patients.

If you are a Medical student you can become a member for free.

EveryDoctor membership is also free for doctors who are not currently working.

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